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Star Wars Battlefront II is a 2017 video game and the sequel to EA's 2015 Star Wars Battlefront.

Campaign Edit

Main Story Edit

Fight for the Empire as Commander Iden Versio, leader of the Empire's extraordinary special operations team Inferno Squad.

Prologue: The Cleaner Edit

The Rebel Alliance has captured an Imperial pilot. Interrogations begin aboard the MC80 capital ship Invincible Faith.

Character: Iden Versio

Mission I: The Battle of Endor Edit

Inferno Squad arrives on Endor to investigate and, if possible, restore the deactivated Death Star shield generator.

Character: Iden Versio

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Mission II: The Dauntless Edit

Iden works security aboard the Star Destroyer Dauntless, which is securing critical technology for Operation: Cinder.

Character: Iden Versio

Mission III: The Observatory Edit

Agent Del Meeko is ordered to eliminate an Observatory before the Rebels can find the dangerous artifacts inside.

Character: Luke Skywalker

Mission IV: The Storm Edit

Operation: Cinder begins following Inferno Squad's successes. Now they have an extraction mission at Iden's homeworld.

Character: Iden Versio

Mission V: Outcasts Edit

After rejecting Operation: Cinder, Iden and Del join the Rebels at Naboo in hopes of halting the Empire's violent plot.

Character: Iden Versio

Mission VI: Royalty Edit

Inferno Squad has saved Naboo from Operation: Cinder, but to stop an invasion, they'll need Leia Organa.

Character: Leia Organa

Mission VII: General Distress Edit

Princess Leia asks Inferno Squad to find a missing Han Solo, who is busy with his own mission at Maz Kanata's castle.

Character: Han Solo

Mission VIII: Under Covered Skies Edit

In pursuit of her father, Iden seeks to capture her former squadmate Gideon Hask and disable a fueling operation.

Character: Iden Versio

Mission IX: Cache Grab Edit

Inferno Squad sets out to steal cargo from under Admiral Versio's nose at an abandoned Imperial weapons depot.

Character: Lando Calrissian

Mission X: The Battle of Jakku Edit

The Empire's fleet has been found. Inferno Squad joins the Republic to help how it can, and finish the war for good.

Character: Iden Versio

Mission XI: Until Ashes Edit

The Empire's end is at hand, but Admiral Versio has come for Inferno Squad.

Character: Iden Versio

Mission XII: Discoveries Edit

After decades of peace, something sinister is brewing at the edge of the galaxy with forces unknown.

Character: Kylo Ren

Resurrection Edit

Iden Versio's story continues as the First Order rises to power. The galaxy needs Inferno Squad's Commander once more.

Mission XIII: Project: Resurrection Edit

Joined by Shriv, and her daughter Zay, Iden follows a lead to Athulla in search of her missing husband.

Character: Iden Versio

Mission XIV: Ashes of the Empire Edit

As she returns home for the first time in almost 30 years, Iden seeks vengeance for the losses she's suffered.

Character: Iden Versio

Mission XV: Inferno Edit

The First Order is a true threat. Iden, Zay, and Shriv see an opportunity to finish what Del started and help the Resistance.

Charcater: Iden Versio

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