Star Wars: The Clone Wars will consist of a theatrical film, seven seasons, and a multimedia project. It premiered on August 15, 2008 with Star Wars: The Clone Wars.


The New Padawan

August 15, 2008
While Anakin and Obi-Wan continue to fight on the frontlines in the Battle of Christophsis, the Jedi Council receives an urgent message requesting their help in the kidnapping of Jabba the Hutt’s son, Rotta. With communication cut off, the council’s new orders are delivered by a spunky surprise visitor — a new Padawan for Anakin, Ahsoka Tano.


101 A

1.01 | October 3, 2008
Jedi Master Yoda and three clone troopers -- Jek, Thire, and Rys -- must face off against Count Dooku's dreaded assassin Ventress and her massive droid army to prove the Jedi are strong enough to protect a strategic planet and forge a treaty for the Republic.

102 RM

1.02 | October 3, 2008
An attack by a devastating new Separatist weapon -- the powerful starship Malevolence -- leaves Jedi Master Plo Koon and his clone troopers struggling to survive until Anakin and Ahsoka can find them.

103 SOM

1.03 | October 10, 2008
With the help of his Padawan Ahsoka and Jedi Master Plo Koon, Anakin utilizes new long-range Y-wing bombers to lead a bold strike on General Grievous' warship, the Malevolence, and its destructive weapon.

104 DM

1.04 | October 17, 2008
Padmé Amidala and C-3PO are taken hostage by General Grievous, leaving Anakin and Obi-Wan to save the Senator and complete the destruction of the Malevolence.

105 R

1.05 | October 24, 2008
Alone on a distant outpost, clone officers Rex and Cody must inspire their rookie unit to believe in themselves to stave off a droid commando invasion.

106 DOAD

1.06 | November 7, 2008
R2-D2 is lost during a fierce space battle -- and Anakin must find him before the Separatists discover the Jedi military secrets locked in his memory banks.

107 DOTD

1.07 | November 14, 2008
Anakin, Ahsoka and replacement droid R3-S6 embark on a dual rescue/sabotage mission when they discover R2-D2 is being held at General Grievous' secret enemy listening post, Skytop Station.

108 BJ

1.08 | November 21, 2008
On a diplomatic mission to the planet Rodia, Padmé discovers that her old friend and fellow Republic senator Onaconda Farr has allied his planet with the Separatists.

109 COD

1.09 | December 5, 2008
Ahsoka and Jedi Master Luminara escort the captured notorious Separatist leader Nute Gunray to Coruscant so he can stand trial for his crimes.

110 LOG

1.10 | December 12, 2008
Jedi Master Kit Fisto and his former Padawan, the Mon Calamari Jedi Nahdar Vebb, track escaped prisoner Nute Gunray to a remote world.

111 DC

1.11 | January 2, 2009
During their own attempt to kidnap Count Dooku, Anakin and Obi-Wan discover that the Sith Lord has already been captured by pirates.

112 TGG

1.12 | January 9, 2009
Anakin and Obi-Wan have been duped and are being held for ransom along with Count Dooku by the pirate chief Hondo Ohnaka and his second-in-command, Turk Falso.

113 JC

1.13 | January 16, 2009
Anakin and Ahsoka arrive at a pitched sky battle to help besieged Jedi General Aayla Secura.

114 DOP

1.14 | January 23, 2009
The leader of the Lurmen, Tee Watt Kaa, refuses to shelter the Jedi from arriving Separatist forces, fearing that such an action would unnecessarily bring his neutral people into the war.

115 T

1.15 | January 30, 2009
Arriving on the desolate ice world of Orto Plutonia, Anakin Skywalker and Obi-Wan Kenobi investigate the disappearance of a clone security force stationed on a remote outpost.

116 THE

1.16 | February 6, 2009
Anakin Skywalker and Obi-Wan Kenobi lead Republic forces in an attempt to defeat the droid armies and free the planet of Christophsis from the Separatist siege.

117 BSV

1.17 | February 13, 2009
The Republic discovers a Separatist bio-weapon lab hidden on the planet of Naboo.


1.18 | February 13, 2009
Even though the lab has been shut down, Dr. Vindi manages to activate the dreaded Blue Shadow Virus, infecting Ahsoka, Padmé, and many clone troopers.

119 SOR

1.19 | February 27, 2009
Ryloth, home world of the Twi'lek people, has been subjected to military occupation by the droid army of the Separatists, and surrounded by a blockade of Trade Federation battleships.

120 IOR

1.20 | March 6, 2009
With the space blockade around Ryloth destroyed, Obi-Wan Kenobi must lead a small clone force into a droid occupied town to sabotage their anti-aircraft guns.

121 LOR

1.21 | March 13, 2009
The battle for the Twi'lek homeworld of Ryloth rages as the Republic attempts to drive off the occupying droid army led by Separatist Leader, Wat Tambor.

122 HC

1.22 | March 20, 2009
In an attempt to force the release of the crime lord Ziro the Hutt from prison, bounty hunters seize control of the Senate Building and hold members of the Senate hostage.

201 HH

2.01 | October 2, 2009
Cad Bane has been hired by Darth Sidious to steal a Jedi holocron.

202 COD

2.02 | October 2, 2009
Anakin and Ahsoka travel to the planet Devaron in pursuit of Cad Bane, who has stolen a Jedi holocron.

203 COTF

2.03 | October 9, 2009
Cad Bane has stolen a Jedi holocron which holds the secret locations of the galaxy's Force-sensitive children.

204 SS

2.04 | October 16, 2009
The Jedi Council suspects that Senator Rush Clovis, an InterGalactic Banking Clan delegate and former colleague of Padmé Amidala, may be working for the Separatists.

205 LAPR

2.05 | November 4, 2009
Anakin, Obi-Wan, and Ki-Adi-Mundi lead an invasion to stop Poggle the Lesser and the Geonosians from rebuilding their droid army.

206 WF

2.06 | November 13, 2009
Anakin, Ahsoka, Luminara Unduli and her Padawan, Barriss Offee, lead a mission to destroy a droid factory on Geonosis.

207 LOT

2.07 | November 20, 2009
After a battle to destroy a new droid factory on Geonosis, Jedi Master Luminara Unduli disappears while tracking Poggle the Lesser.

208 BI

2.08 | December 4, 2009
Medical supplies are desperately needed for a crucial Republic battlefront.

209 GI

2.09 | January 1, 2010
Jedi Master Eeth Koth is taken hostage and tortured by General Grievous.

210 TD

2.10 | January 1, 2010
General Grievous is shot down over Saleucami and crash lands in the wilderness.

211 LL

2.11 | January 22, 2010
During an assignment in the Coruscant underworld, a wily pickpocket steals Ahsoka's lightsaber.

212 TMP

2.12 | January 29, 2010
Alarming rumors about the peace-abiding Duchess Satine of Mandalore prompt Obi-Wan to investigate the secluded planet.

213 VOT

2.13 | February 5, 2010
Duchess Satine travels from Mandalore to Coruscant on a diplomatic mission, with Obi-Wan Kenobi, Anakin Skywalker and a team of troopers to defend her.

214 DOM

2.14 | February 12, 2010
On Coruscant, word reaches Duchess Satine that Death Watch is mobilizing, sparking a pre-emptive Republic invasion.

215 SM

2.15 | March 19, 2010
When Senator Onaconda Farr dies under suspicious circumstances and the local Inspector appears incompetent, Padmé sets out to find the person who poisoned her mentor.

216 CAM

2.16 | March 26, 2010
A Separatist blockade surrounds Christophsis.

217 BH

2.17 | April 2, 2010
Anakin, Obi-Wan, and Ahsoka crash on Felucia and seek aid from the local spice farmers only to learn that the farmers are the ones who are in real need.

218 TZB

2.18 | April 9, 2010
Desperate to turn the tide of a fierce battle on Malastare and win a strategic alliance with the Dugs, Chancellor Palpatine orders the Jedi to drop the Republic's newest super-weapon, an untested electro proton bomb.


2.19 | April 16, 2010
Per Palpatine's order, Republic forces transport a fearsome Zillo Beast back to Coruscant for scientific study.

220 DT

2.20 | April 23, 2010
Determined to kill Jedi Master Mace Windu, young Boba Fett poses as a clone cadet and sneaks aboard a Jedi cruiser to plant a bomb in Windu's quarters.

221 R2CH

2.21 | April 30, 2010
Boba Fett and his band of bounty hunters lead Anakin and Mace into a deadly trap on Vanqor.

222 LT

2.22 | April 30, 2010
Following a nefarious attempt to murder Anakin Skywalker and Mace Windu on Vanqor, Boba Fett and Aurra Sing go into hiding.

301 CC

3.01 | September 17, 2010
Five headstrong clones struggle to complete their training on Kamino.

302 AT

3.02 | September 17, 2010
The Republic learns of an impending Separatist attack on Kamino, and Anakin and Obi-Wan hurry to the planet.

303 SL

3.03 | September 24, 2010
Ryloth is under siege.

304 SOI

3.04 | October 1, 2010
Chi Eekway and Che Amanwe, Chairman Papanoida's daughters, are kidnapped and held for ransom.

305 C

3.05 | October 8, 2010
Padmé, on a diplomatic mission to Mandalore, guarantees the pacifist planet the Republic's full protection, but she and Duchess Satine soon find something sinister lurking beneath the planet's serene facade.

306 TA

3.06 | October 15, 2010
Ahsoka is assigned to teach a class at a leadership academy on Mandalore.

307 A

3.07 | October 22, 2010
Tasked to protect Senator Padmé Amidala during a political mission to Alderaan, Padawan Ahsoka Tano is plagued by recurring visions of recently-deceased bounty hunter, Aurra Sing.

308 EP

3.08 | November 5, 2010
In the middle of a routine shopping trip on Coruscant, C-3PO is abducted by the bounty hunter Cad Bane.

309 HFZ

3.09 | November 12, 2010
Cad Bane has broken Ziro the Hutt out of prison.

310 HOBS

3.10 | November 19, 2010
When the Senate begins debating a bill that would eliminate government oversight of the Banking Clan's activities in order to fund the war, Padmé and Ahsoka travel in secret to the capital of the Confederacy of Independent Systems.

311 POP

3.11 | December 3, 2010
Padmé, Bail Organa and Onaconda Farr attempt to rally Senators in opposition to a bill that would appropriate funds for millions of new clone troops and have disastrous financial consequences for the Republic.

312 N

3.12 | January 7, 2011
Troubled by Asajj Ventress' growing prowess with the dark side of the Force, Darth Sidious commands Count Dooku to eliminate her.

313 M

3.13 | January 14, 2011
When Count Dooku calls upon the Nightsisters seeking a replacement for Ventress, she and her kin seize the opportunity to exact revenge.

314 WOTM

3.14 | January 21, 2011
Anakin and Obi-Wan, sent to track down the mysterious figure behind the deaths of several Jedi, soon find themselves on the trail of the monstrous apprentice that Ventress has created: Savage Opress, who has been trained in the ways of the Sith by Dooku.

315 O

3.15 | January 28, 2011
A mysterious force draws Anakin, Obi-Wan and Ahsoka to a distant planet, and its inhabitants -- a family of exceptionally powerful Force-wielders -- in an attempt to determine whether Anakin is truly the Chosen One.

316 AOM

3.16 | February 4, 2011
Before the Jedi can leave Mortis, the Son takes Ahsoka captive in an attempt to entice Anakin into joining him to use their combined strength to overpower his Father and Sister.

317 GOM

3.17 | February 11, 2011
The Jedi remain stranded on Mortis, and the Son, aligned with the dark side of the Force, renews his efforts to convert Anakin as the Jedi prepare for a decisive confrontation.

318 TC

3.18 | February 18, 2011
With help from R2-D2 and a squad of captured battle droids, an elite team of Jedi and clone troopers led by Obi-Wan and Anakin attempt to free a captive Jedi general, Even Piell, from an impenetrable prison.

319 C

3.19 | March 4, 2011
With freed prisoners in their possession and the brutal warden attempting desperately to thwart them, Obi-Wan and Anakin search for a way out of the Citadel and back to Coruscant.

320 CR

3.20 | March 11, 2011
After their ship and only way off the planet is destroyed, Anakin and Obi-Wan must lead the escaped prisoners across Lola Sayu's perilous landscape as Plo Koon commands a task force of four cruisers and their fighters through the Separatist defenses in a daring rescue.

321 PL

3.21 | April 1, 2011
Ahsoka and a group of abducted younglings find themselves trapped on a Trandoshan moon, prey in an elaborate and cruel hunt.

322 WH

3.22 | April 1, 2011
As Ahsoka and her youngling allies struggle to evade the Trandoshan hunters, their efforts receive an unexpected boost when a new captive -- Chewbacca the Wookiee -- arrives.

401 WW

4.01 | September 16, 2011
When the king of Mon Cala is assassinated, talks break down between the Mon Calamari people and the Quarren, co-inhabitants of the aquatic world.

402 GA

4.02 | September 16, 2011
Anakin Skywalker and the rest of his Jedi team have been overrun by the Separatist surprise attacks led by Riff Tamson while Prince Lee-Char and Ahsoka must evade capture on their own.

403 P

4.03 | September 23, 2011
The Republic and Gungan forces have been captured by Riff Tamson and his Karkarodon enforcers.

404 SW

4.04 | September 30, 2011
When the leader of the Gungans, Boss Lyonie, is injured it's discovered there is an uncanny resemblance between the Boss and Jar Jar Binks.

405 MM

4.05 | October 7, 2011
After groundquakes have devastated the planet Aleen, a Republic relief effort arrives, including the droids R2-D2 and C-3PO.

406 ND

4.06 | October 14, 2011
C-3PO and R2-D2's bizarre caper continues.

407 DOU

4.07 | October 28, 2011
When Anakin is forced to temporarily turn over command of his clone troopers to a new commander, the Jedi Pong Krell, tensions begin to run high as the clones are assigned with a very deadly mission to take the capital of Umbara.

408 TG

4.08 | November 4, 2011
General Krell orders Captain Rex and the clone troopers of the 501st Legion to conquer a heavily fortified Umbaran airbase, and will not accept anything less than victory.

409 POD

4.09 | November 11, 2011
After the Republic conquers an Umbaran airbase, General Krell orders Rex and his men on towards the heavily fortified capital.

410 COK

4.10 | November 18, 2011
With two of his men facing execution for disobeying orders, Captain Rex must confront his overly aggressive commander, General Krell.

411 K

4.11 | November 25, 2011
Zygerrian slavers are behind the sudden disappearance of an entire colony of people on the planet Kiros.

412 SOTR

4.12 | December 2, 2011
To locate the missing colonists, Anakin, Obi-Wan and Ahsoka go undercover to infiltrate the slavers on Zygerria.

413 EFK

4.13 | January 6, 2012
Anakin tries to convince the Zygerrian Queen that she too is a slave and pawn in an evil Separatist plot.

414 AFIN

4.14 | January 13, 2012
A peace conference between Separatists and Republic delegates is interrupted by Lux Bonteri, the son of a late Separatist Senator, who involves Ahsoka in his dangerous search to find justice for his mother's death.

415 D

4.15 | January 20, 2012
When the Jedi learn of a Separatist plot to kidnap Chancellor Palpatine, one of them must go deep undercover as a hardened criminal to extract information from the conspirators.

416 FAE

4.16 | January 27, 2012
Fleeing across the galaxy with criminal fugitives, a disguised Obi-Wan, Cad Bane and Moralo Eval are tenaciously pursued by Anakin and Ahsoka, who have no idea they're chasing their friend.

417 TB

4.17 | February 3, 2012
The disguised Obi-Wan accompanies Cad Bane and Moralo Eval to Serenno, where they enlist in a brutal competition with other bounty hunters from around the galaxy to determine who will participate in a plot to kidnap the Chancellor.

418 CON

4.18 | February 10, 2012
The Chancellor travels to Naboo to preside over a public ceremony, guarded by Jedi Knights.

419 M

4.19 | February 24, 2012
Count Dooku is determined to have revenge against the Nightsisters of Dathomir after their betrayal.

420 B

4.20 | March 2, 2012
An aimless Asajj Ventress joins a team of bounty hunters under the leadership of young Boba Fett.

421 B

4.21 | March 9, 2012
The dark warrior Savage Opress is on a quest to find his long-lost brother.

422 R

4.22 | March 16, 2012
Savage and Maul, now reunited, pursue Obi-Wan Kenobi in search of revenge, and the Jedi Knight finds himself forced to unite with a surprising ally to defend against the deadly siblings.

501 R

5.01 | September 29, 2012
Fueled by vengeance and rage, the newly reunited brothers Savage Opress and Darth Maul spread terror and violence across the galaxy.


5.02 | October 6, 2012
Anakin, Obi-Wan, Ahsoka, and Rex travel to Onderon, a world under Separatist control.

503 FR

5.03 | October 13, 2012
Supervised by Ahsoka, the Onderon rebels infiltrate the capital and carry out a series of strikes on targets throughout the city.

504 TSW

5.04 | October 20, 2012
After a rebel attempt to rescue Onderon's true king, Ramsis Dendup, an unexpected ally steps forward to halt Dendup's execution and aid the rebel cause.

505 TP

5.05 | October 27, 2012
As a full-scale revolt embroils Onderon, the rebels strike a decisive blow against the planet's Separatist-aligned king.

506 TG

5.06 | November 3, 2012
Ahsoka escorts a group of younglings to Ilum, where they will learn from Yoda and undergo a crucial rite of passage: the construction of their lightsabers.

507 ATOS

5.07 | November 10, 2012
As the younglings return from Ilum with Ahsoka, their ship comes under attack by Hondo's gang of pirates.

508 BFR

5.08 | November 17, 2012
With Ahsoka captured by Hondo's pirates, the younglings work together to infiltrate the pirates' den, using their wits and courage to deceive Hondo Ohnaka and launch a daring rescue.

509 ANB

5.09 | November 24, 2012
When General Grievous launches a full-scale attack on the pirate base on Florrum, Ahsoka and the younglings fight side-by-side with Hondo and his pirates to turn back the Separatist forces.

510 SW

5.10 | December 1, 2012
R2-D2 is part of a team of Republic droids chosen for an important mission led by the diminutive Colonel Gascon to obtain an encryption module from a Separatist dreadnought.


5.11 | December 8, 2012
After a comet damages their shuttle, R2-D2, Colonel Gascon, and the other droids crash on a desolate planet where they must make their way across a bewildering expanse of emptiness to carry out their mission.

512 MIA

5.12 | January 5, 2013
In a nearly vacant town, R2-D2 and his team find a clone commando suffering from amnesia.

513 PONR

5.13 | January 12, 2013
R2-D2 and his team must stop a sabotaged Jedi cruiser from destroying a crucial Republic conference.

514 E

5.14 | January 19, 2013
Savage and Maul forge an alliance with Death Watch to target a common enemy: Obi-Wan Kenobi.

515 SOR

5.15 | January 26, 2013
Backed by the criminal underworld, the Sith and Death Watch launch an attack on Mandalore.

516 TL

5.16 | February 2, 2013
Using Duchess Satine as bait, Darth Maul lures Obi-Wan into a trap.

517 S

5.17 | February 9, 2013
Anakin and Ahsoka investigate a deadly bombing at the Jedi Temple.


5.18 | February 16, 2013
As the Republic military takes over the Temple bombing case, Ahsoka finds herself at odds with Admiral Tarkin.

519 TCAJ

5.19 | February 23, 2013
The fugitive Ahsoka escapes to the criminal depths of Coruscant.

520 TWJ

5.20 | March 2, 2013
On trial for murder, Ahsoka faces her greatest challenge.

601 TU

6.01 | March 7, 2014
Clone trooper Tup succumbs to a mysterious mental illness that results in the shocking death of a Jedi Master.

602 C

6.02 | March 7, 2014
In the sterile laboratories of Kamino, the ailing clone trooper Tup and his friend ARC Trooper Fives are quarantined for examination following Tup's shocking murder of a Jedi Master.

603 F

6.03 | March 7, 2014
The body of clone trooper Tup is scheduled for transport to Coruscant, where Chancellor Palpatine's own doctors will closely examine it.

604 O

6.04 | March 7, 2014
Fives continues to push for answers regarding the mystery of the clone contamination and secures an audience with Supreme Chancellor Palpatine.

605 AOF

6.05 | March 7, 2014
While on Scipio to fund a mercy mission, Padmé Amidala is called upon by an old friend, Rush Clovis, to help uncover corruption in the Banking Clan.

606 TROC

6.06 | March 7, 2014
Back on Coruscant, Clovis -- known traitor of the Republic -- makes a dubious deal which puts him at the head of the Banking Clan.

607 CATH

6.07 | March 7, 2014
Rush Clovis' deal with the Separatists backfires and brings war to the banking world of Scipio.

608 TD

6.08 & 6.09 | March 7, 2014
The peaceful world of Bardotta and its mystic ways are threatened by an ancient prophecy, and its top spiritual leaders have vanished.

610 TLO

6.10 | March 7, 2014
A Jedi mission finds a lightsaber belonging to the long-dead Master Sifo-Dyas, prompting Yoda, Obi-Wan Kenobi, and Anakin Skywalker to begin an investigation into his decade-old disappearance.

611 V

6.11 | March 7, 2014
Yoda is deeply unsettled when he hears something from beyond the grave: the voice of Qui-Gon Jinn.

612 D

6.12 | March 7, 2014
Letting the Force guide him, Yoda voyages into the heart of the galaxy to an ancient world that is one of the wellsprings of the Force and the source of midi-chlorians.

613 S

6.13 | March 7, 2014
After many grueling trials, Yoda next travels to the ancient Sith home world of Moraband, where he must face an ancient evil determined to rule the galaxy.

001 ADOU

0.01 | September 25, 2014
Obi-Wan and Anakin investigate a mysterious death of a Jedi Master on Utapau, and uncover a secret Separatist weapons deal the likes of which they have never seen before.


0.02 | September 25, 2014
Obi-Wan and Anakin’s investigation on Utapau continues, and they allow themselves to be captured by weapons dealers who possess a focusing crystal of unspeakable power.

003 CC

0.03 | September 25, 2014
Obi-Wan and Anakin must escape from Utapau with a kyber crystal before General Grievous and his droid army track them down.

004 TBB

0.04 | September 25, 2014
Obi-Wan and Anakin must do all they can to prevent a powerful weapon from falling into General Grievous’ hands.

005 TBB

0.05 | April 29, 2015
Rex, Cody, and Clone Force 99, an unorthodox, elite squad also known as the Bad Batch, look to recover the Republic's strategy algorithm from Admiral Trench.

006 ADE

0.06 | April 29, 2015
Believing that MIA soldier Echo may still be alive, Rex's mission becomes doubly important.


0.07 | April 29, 2015
With Echo recovered, Rex, Bad Batch, and Anakin Skywalker look to fight their way out of a Separatist base.

008 UB

0.08 | April 29, 2015
The Republic plans a daring final strike against Wat Tambor and Admiral Trench, once again bringing together Rex, Echo, Anakin Skywalker, and the elite Bad Batch squad.


7.01 | Fall 2019
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7.02 | Fall 2019
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7.03 | Fall 2019
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7.04 | Fall 2019
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7.05 | Fall 2019
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7.06 | Fall 2019
Synopsis to be announced.


7.07 | Fall 2019
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7.08 | Fall 2019
Synopsis to be announced.


7.09 | Fall 2019
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7.10 | Fall 2019
Synopsis to be announced.


7.11 | Fall 2019
Synopsis to be announced.


7.12 | Fall 2019
Synopsis to be announced.