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[[Stormtrooper (First Order)|
First order stormtrooper sergeant by efrajoey1-dcky1za

On Jakku

Stormtrooper Sergeants of the First Order were Stormtroopers
First Order Stormtrooper Sergeant121

On Takodana

with the rank of Sergeant within the legions of the First Order. They wore black Pauldrons.


There was at least one Sergeant on Jakku during the Chase on Jakku.

One Sergeant stood near Kylo Ren while they chased Finn and other individuals on Takodana. There was at least one Sergeant among the many Stormtroopers that were assembled at Starkiller base. One operated a walker at one point.

Known Stormtrooper Sergeants Edit

Behind the ScenesEdit

Was first revealed as sergeant when the First Order Walker set was released with a figure of the Black Pauldron Stormtrooper, calling it "First Order Stormtrooper Sergeant" on the box.


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