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General Information
Region Outer Rim Territories Sullust DICE
Sector Sullust Sector
System Sullust System
Capital Unknown
atmosphere Breathable to most species
Native Species Sullustan, Ash angel, Rockrender, Sullustan ash-rabbit, Sullustan worm
Natural Satellites At least one moon

Sullust was an Obsidian Planet of the Outer Rim and home to the Sullustan Species. Like Mustafar, it had rivers and lakes of Lava, just not as frequent.

History Edit

Sullust was a member of the Galactic Republic and was the location for a battle between the Republic and the Confederacy of Independent Systems during the Clone Wars. When the Republic was reorganised into the Galactic Empire, Sullust converted with it, becoming its source for fuel.

A battle between the Alliance to Restore the Republic and the Empire took place on the planet some years later.

The Planet Edit

Sullust was a obsidian planet with many volcanoes and lava streams. Sullustans lived in underground cities while the more civilized lived above.

Flora and Fauna Edit

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Appearances Edit

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