Teedos are the most famous inhabitants of Jakku, very little is known about this species.

Biology & Appearance Edit

The Teedos are short humanoids, they keep most of their bodies covered to keep out the heat but they have scaly gray skin which can be seen above the wrappings. They have hands with three digits, two fingers and a thumb, and feet with two big toes in front and one in the back.

Culture Edit

Teedos are very smart with great mechanical ability. They are extremely territorial, and tend to have mysterious motives and actions. They speak in a language that Rey called Teedospeak.

It is unknown if they have religion but they protect The Sitter and provide him with the sustenance that he needs to survive.

The strangest thing about Teedos is that they don't make a distinction between an individual and the group. They don't have names, each of them is just Teedo. Sometimes it is noted that every Teedo seems to know everything that's happened to every other Teedo, including things no one else witnessed.

They make extensive use of Luggabeasts.

Technology Edit

Underneath their wrappings they have rigged up complex systems of filters and tubes that reclaim most of their water for recycling, they have rigged up scanners that can home in on energy signatures, and they can fix almost anything.

They carry ionized spears that can knock people unconscious or even kill them.

History Edit

One Teedo caught BB-8 in a net and was going to turn him into scrap when Rey intervened and set him free.

Information Edit

Type: Sentient

Classification: Unknown

Homeworld: Jakku

Notable Teedo: Teedo

Appearances Edit