The galaxy

Computer image in the Jedi Temple library on Coruscant showing the galaxy, the Rishi Maze and the second companion galaxy.

The galaxy was the interstellar collection of star systems, nebulae and other astronomical objects where a majority of events, among which military conflicts, took place.

Description Edit

The galaxy was a disk-shaped object over 100 000 light years in diameter with spiralling arms of interstellar matter. It contained the various star systems of the Old Republic, the various Sith empires, the Galactic Republic, the Confederacy of Independent Systems, the Council of Neutral Systems, the Galactic Empire, the Rebel Alliance, the New Republic, the Resistance and the First Order. It also contained a myriad of unaligned civilizations over the course of known history.

In the time of unified galactic civilization, the galaxy was divided into different galactic regions, starting at the Deep Core and extending outwards to the end of the spiral arms. The regions were in turn divided into sectors.

To aid navigation, the galaxy was also divided into four different directions, much like on a planetary compass. Galactic North included planets such as Shili, Ord Mantell and Ithor. Galactic South included Malastare, Eriadu and Utapau. Galactic West included the Unknown Regions which was largely unexplored, though mapped. Rakata Prime was also located in this part of the galaxy. Galactic East included Hutt Space, the province dominated by the Hutt species. The East was also where the Confederacy of Independent Systems had its strongest support. Count Dooku's home of Serenno and the Separatist political capital of Raxus were located here.

The main galaxy was orbited by at least two companion galaxies, one of which was the Rishi Maze.

Galactic regions Edit


A galactic map with compass showing galactic North, South, East and West.

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