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Tholothians were a humanoid species from Tholoth that appeared extremely similiar to a regular Human in almost every way except for their imperious, bright blue eyes and strange headwear.


Tholothian females are most recognised for their exotic headdresses which have brown or gold cranial scales with strips of blue and two sets of four organic, fleshy white, sometimes fawn or turquoise-hued tendrils that hang from both upper sides of their heads down past their shoulders. Their skin color ranges from tan to dark brown with bluish-turquoise highlights around their eyes, forehead and chest. their eyes are of bright blue shades, azure, cobalt and sometimes even violet and purple. Tholothians also don't age as fast as normal humans, as one individual, Adi Gallia was around 70 by the time of her death, but was still well in her physical prime, looking 4 decades younger than she actually was from physical appearance alone.

Information Edit

Type: Sentient

Classification: Humanoid

Homeworld: Tholoth

Notable Tholothians: Katooni, Adi Gallia, Stass Allie

Behind the ScenesEdit

In the original Legends continuity the status of Tholothians as a species was a constantly confused issue, with sources claiming Adi Gallia was both human and non-human as she was said to be both Tholothian and Corellian. The head tendrils and scalp in this continuity were actually a headdress that tholothians wore.


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