This page will cover the Timeline of Canon events.

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Event Year
Hyperspace discovery 10 Millennia BBY
Extinction of the Zillo Beast 10 Millennia BBY
Formation of the Jedi Order 10 Millennia BBY
Discovery of Illum 10 Millennia BBY
Formation of the Sith Order 10 Millennia BBY
Hundred-Year Darkness 10 Millennia BBY
Great Scourge of Malachor 10 Millennia BBY
Sith Empire Around 6021 BBY
Construction of the Great Temple of Massassi 5000 BBY
Birth of Maz Kanata 1036 BBY
Battle of Takodana (Sith Empire) Prior to 1032 BBY
Around 1032 BBY
Mandalorian mission to the Jedi Temple 1032 BBY
Rule of Two is established Around 1032 BBY
Fall of the Old Republic, Formation of the Galactic Republic Around 1032 BBY
Birth of Yoda 896 BBY
Founding of Theed 832 BBY
Birth of Jabba the Hutt 600 BBY
Construction of the Citadel 522 BBY
Birth of Chewbacca 200 BBY
Birth of Dooku 102 BBY
Birth of Qui-Gon Jinn 92 BBY
Birth of Sheev Palpatine 84 BBY
Birth of Cad Bane 73 BBY
Birth of Mace Windu 72 BBY
Birth of Wilhuff Tarkin 64 BBY
Birth of Obi-Wan Kenobi 57 BBY
Birth of Padmé Naberrie 46 BBY
Birth of Garazeb Orrelios 44 BBY
Birth of the Chosen One

Anakin Skywalker

41 BBY
Birth of Rae Sloane 41 BBY
Commission of a Clone Army on Kamino
Battle of Malastare Narrows
Doom of the Ordu Aspectu Placing


Birth of Lor San Tekka
Birth of Asajj Ventress
Rescue of Depa Billaba
Birth of Ahsoka Tano 36 BBY
Birth of Caleb Dume 33 BBY
Mission to Shili 33 BBY
Skirmish with pirates (Yoda)
Mission to unidentified planet (Yoda)
Skirmish with Rathtars
Mission to Kellux
Mission to Nar Shadaa (Maul)
Hunt for Eldra Kaitis
Assault on Xev Xrexus's abode
Invasion of Naboo 32 BBY
Blockade of Naboo 32 BBY
Mission to the Trade Federation Droid Control Ship 32 BBY
Meeting in Otoh Gunga 32 BBY
Invasion of Theed 32 BBY
Journey through Naboo's core 32 BBY
Rescue of Queen Amidala 32 BBY
Repair mission to Tatooine 32 BBY
Mission to Tatooine (Darth Maul) 32 BBY
Boonta Eve Classic (32 BBY) 32 BBY
Duel on Tatooine (Maul and Qui-Gon) 32 BBY
Trip to Coruscant 32 BBY
Meeting at the Gungan sacred place 32 BBY
Battle of Naboo

Deaths of Qui-Gon Jinn and Daultay Dofine

32 BBY
32 BBY
Birth of Lando Calrissian 30 BBY
Birth of Hera Syndulla 29 BBY
Birth of Numa 27 BBY
Separatist Crisis 22 BBY
Antar 4 schism 22 BBY
Plot to assassinate Padmé Amidala 22 BBY
Chase through Coruscant 22 BBY
Mission to Kamino 22 BBY
Skirmish on Kamino 22 BBY
22 BBY
Mission to Geonosis 22 BBY
Battle of Geonosis

Clone Wars begin

Deaths of Coleman Trebor, Agen Kolar's apprentice, Jango Fett

22 BBY
Marriage of Anakin Skywalker and Padmé Amidala on Naboo 22 BBY
Attack on a Republic Transport 22 BBY
Secret meeting on Coruscant 22 BBY
22 BBY
Kidnapping of Rotta the Huttlet 22 BBY
Battle of Christophsis 22 BBY
Battle of Teth 22 BBY
Dogfight over Tatooine 22 BBY
Skirmish outside Jabba's palace 22 BBY
Mission to Ziro's palace 22 BBY
Duel on Tatooine 22 BBY
Training of Domino Squad 22 BBY
Battle of Ryloth begins 22 BBY
Mission to Toydaria 22 BBY
Ambush over Rugosa 22 BBY
Skirmish on Rugosa 22 BBY
Battle of Abregado
Skirmish with Separatist pod hunters
Escape from Abregado
Battle of the Ryndellia system
Skirmish in Balmorra Run
Bombing run on Malevolence
Battle of Kallida Nebula
Hunt for General Grievous
Infiltration of Rishi Moon base
Skirmish on Rishi base landing pad
Skirmish outside Rishi base
Battle of Rishi- Death of Hevy
Battle of Bothawui
Skirmish on the Vulture's Claw
Mission to sweep outer corridor of space
Mission to Skytop Station
Mission to Rodia
Capture of Nute Gunray
Rescue of Nute Gunray
Mission to Vassek
Battle over Vanqor
Skirmish in a cave on Vanqor
Capture of Count Dooku
Ambush on Florrum
Escape attempt on Florrum
Chase on Florrum
Second escape attempt on Florrum
Battle on Florrum
Battle of Quell
Skirmish with wild Mastiff phalone
- Skirmish in a makeshift camp on Maridun- Second skirmish in a makeshift camp on Maridun
Invasion of Maridun
Infiltration of Separatist bunker on Maridun
Battle of Maridun
Skirmish on Orto Plutonia
Mission to Orto Plutonia
Pantoran-Talz conflict
Skirmish on Naboo
Mission to Naboo
Blue Shadow virus outbreak
Mission to Iego
Escape from Iego
Battle of Ryloth continued
Celebration in Lessu
First battle of Felucia
Plot to capture force-sensitive children
Attack on Felucia Medical Center
Meeting on Felucia
Skirmish on Felucia
Battle of Malastare
Zillo Beast incident
Mission to Cato Neimoidia
Escape from Cato Neimoidia
Second Geonosis campaign (Second battle of Geonosis)
Battle aboard the Steadfast
Battle above Saleucami
Battle of Saleucami
Attack aboard a Republic cruiser 21 BBY
Mission to Mandalore 21 BBY
Skirmish at Memorial Shrine on Mandalore 21 BBY
Mission to Concordia 21 BBY
Mission to Coruscant aboard the Coronet 21 BBY
Battle aboard the Coronet 21 BBY
Scouting mission on Concordia 21 BBY
- First attempt to assassinate Duchess Satine Kryze on Coruscant- Second attempt to assassinate Duchess Satine Kryze on Coruscant 21 BBY
Chase through Coruscant city streets 21 BBY
Mission to infiltrate the Endurance 21 BBY
Mission to Vanqor 21 BBY
Second attempt to assassinate Mace Windu 21 BBY
Mission to rescue Mace Windu and Anakin Skywalker on Vanqor 21 BBY
Mission to Florrum 21 BBY
Mission to lower levels of Coruscant 21 BBY
Meeting on Florrum 21 BBY
Second chase on Florrum 21 BBY
Skirmish in a canyon on Florrum 21 BBY
Mission to Mandalore (Padmé Amidala) 21 BBY
Investigation on Mandalore 21 BBY
Mission to Mandalore (Ahsoka Tano) 21 BBY
Mandalorian black market conspiracy 21 BBY
Rescue of Duchess Satine 21 BBY
Alderaan Refugee Conference 21 BBY
Balith civil war 21 BBY
Battle of Kamino 21 BBY
Blockade of Pantora 21 BBY
Senate Hostage crisis 21 BBY
Mission to Nal Hutta 21 BBY
Ziro's Mission to Teth 21 BBY
Showdown on Teth 21 BBY
Bombing of Coruscant's central power distribution grid 21 BBY
Attack on Confederate people 21 BBY
Onaconda Farr incident 21 BBY
- Birth of Sabine Wren (Exact placement unknown)

- Birth of Jyn Erso (Exact placement unknown)

21 BBY
Battle of Sullust 20 BBY
Skirmish on the Raider 20 BBY
Mission to Dathomir (Asajj Ventress) 20 BBY
Duel on Serenno 20 BBY
Choosing of Savage Opress 20 BBY
Devaron massacre 20 BBY
Mission to Devaron (Delta Squad) 20 BBY
Showdown on Toydaria 20 BBY
Showdown above Toydaria 20 BBY
Mission to Mortis 20 BBY
Showdown on Mortis 20 BBY
Chase on Mortis 20 BBY
Duel in the Son's fortress on Mortis - Death of the Daughter 20 BBY
Anakin Skywalker's vision on Mortis 20 BBY
Second showdown on Mortis - Deaths of the Father and the Son 20 BBY
Capture of Even Piell 20 BBY
- Mission to the Citadel

- Battle of Lola Sayu

20 BBY
Battle of Felucia (Clone Wars) 20 BBY
  • Battle of Felucia continues
20 BBY
20 BBY
20 BBY
Assault on Theed Aproximate placing
Mission to Aleen 20 BBY
Capture of Adi Gallia 20 BBY
Rescue of Adi Gallia 20 BBY
Battle of Umbara 20 BBY
Battle of Kiros 20 BBY
20 BBY
Battle of Kadavo 20 BBY
Confederate-Republic peace conference 20 BBY
Mission to Carlac 20 BBY
Battle on Carlac 20 BBY
20 BBY
Riot at the Republic Judiciary Central Detention Center 20 BBY
Skirmish on Nal Hutta
Showdown on Orondia 20 BBY
Tournament on Serenno 20 BBY
Festival of Light (20 BBY) 20 BBY
Battle of Dathomir 20 BBY
Safe cargo objective 20 BBY
Mission to Lotho Minor 20 BBY
Rebirth of Darth Maul on Dathomir 20 BBY
Massacre on Raydonia 20 BBY
Duel on Raydonia 20 BBY
Duel above Raydonia 20 BBY
Onderonian Civil War

Death of Steela Gerrera

20 BBY
Funeral of Steela Gerrera 20 BBY
The Gathering (20 BBY) 20 BBY
Raid on the Crucible 20 BBY
Attack on Obi-Wan Kenobi's fleet 20 BBY
Attempt to rescue Ahsoka Tano on Florrum 20 BBY
Battle on Florrum (20 BBY) 20 BBY
Battle over unidentified planet 20 BBY
Mission to Aut-O's flagship 20 BBY
20 BBY
Republic strategy conference 20 BBY
Duel at an Outer Rim spaceport 20 BBY
Raid on the Cybloc transfer station 20 BBY
Mission to Florrum (Maul and Savage) 20 BBY
Showdown on Florrum 20 BBY
Mission to Mustafar (Death Watch) 19 BBY
Mission to Nal Hutta (Shadow Collective) 19 BBY
Attack on Jabba's Palace 19 BBY
Takeover of Mandalore 19 BBY
Escape from a prison in Sundari 19 BBY
Duel in the Sundari Royal Palace- Death of Pre Vizsla 19 BBY
Resistance on Mandalore begins

Deaths of Savage Opress and Satine Kryze

19 BBY
Defense of Cato Neimoidia 19 BBY
Bombing of the Jedi Temple hangar 19 BBY
Funeral of the Jedi Temple bombing victims 19 BBY
Investigation of the Jedi Temple bombing 19 BBY
Chase on Coruscant 19 BBY
Arrest of Ahsoka Tano 19 BBY
Escape from the Republic military base 19 BBY
Search for Ahsoka Tano 19 BBY
Showdown in a wharehouse on Coruscant 19 BBY
- Trial of Ahsoka Tano- Duel at the Jedi Temple 19 BBY
Battle of Ringo Vinda 19 BBY
Rescue of Tup 19 BBY
Escape from Tipoca City 19 BBY
Escape from the Grand Republic Medical Facility 19 BBY
Mission to Level 1325 19 BBY
Mission to Scipio 19 BBY
Invasion of Scipio 19 BBY
Mission to Bardotta 19 BBY
Mission to Zardoss Stix 19 BBY
Mission to Oba Diah 19 BBY
Duel on Oba Diah 19 BBY
Mission to Dagobah (Clone Wars) 19 BBY
Encounter at the Wellspring of Life 19 BBY
Mission to Moraband 19 BBY
Showdown on Utapau 19 BBY
- Insurrection on Yalvik Prime- Mission to Skako Minor

- Battle for Anaxes

19 BBY
Attack on Mahranee 19 BBY
Capture of Moregi 19 BBY
Rescue of Marg Krim's family 19 BBY
Duel on Raxus 19 BBY
Escape from the Spire 19 BBY
Battle of Zanbar 19 BBY
Battle of Ord Mantell (Shadow Collective) 19 BBY
Assault on Vizsla keep 09 19 BBY
Second battle of Dathomir 19 BBY
Attempt to rescue Quinlan Vos on Serreno 19 BBY
Rescue of Quinlan Vos 19 BBY
Destruction of the Separatist supply storage base 19 BBY
Destruction of the Vanqor listening post 19 BBY
Second battle of Christophsis 19 BBY
Skirmish in the Coruscant underworld 19 BBY
Encounter at the Coruscant Sith Temple 19 BBY
Bombing at the Jedi Temple 19 BBY
Skirmish on Kardoa 19 BBY
Third Battle of Mygeeto 19 BBY
Funeral of CT-1157 19 BBY
Resistance on Mandalore - continued 19 BBY
Battle of Coruscant

Death of Count Dooku

19 BBY
Siege of Saleucami begins as part of the Outer Rim Sieges 19 BBY
Mission to Utapau 19 BBY
Outer Rim Sieges

- Death of Grievous

19 BBY
Duel in Palpatine's office- Jedi Purge begins

- Deaths of Mace Windu, Kit Fisto, Saesee Tiin, Agen Kolar

19 BBY
Order 66 (simultaneous with Outer Rim Sieges and Siege of Mandalore)

Deaths of Stass Allie, Depa Billaba, Cin Drallig, Plo Koon, Ki-Adi-Mundi, Aayla Secura, Shaak Ti, Huulik, Bene, Zett Jukassa, Whie, Sors Bandeam

19 BBY
Proclamation of a New Order- The first ever Empire Day

- Birth of Ezra Bridger

19 BBY
- Mission to Mustafar- Mission to the Jedi Temple (Order 66)

Deaths of Nute Gunray, Rune Haako, Wat Tambor, Poggle the Lesser, San Hill, Shu Mai, Passel Argente, Po Nudo, Tikkes and the rest of the Separatist council

19 BBY
Meeting about resisting the Galactic Empire 19 BBY
- Duel on Mustafar- Duel in the Galactic Senate 19 BBY
Battle on Lokori 19 BBY
- Birth of the Skywalker twins- Rebirth of Darth Vader

Death of Padmé Amidala

19 BBY
Funeral of Padmé Amidala 19 BBY
Public burning of Jedi lightsabers on Coruscant 19 ABY
Skirmish on a Mid Rim desert planet 19 ABY
Skirmish at Brighthome 19 ABY
Mission to the River Moon of Al'doleem 19 BBY
Duel in Am'balaar city 19 BBY
Faceoff in the Jedi Temple 19 BBY
Caleb Dume's return to Coruscant 19 BBY
Skirmish in the back streets of Plateau City 19 BBY
Capture of Caleb Dume on Kaller 19 BBY
Rescue of Caleb Dume on Kaller 19 BBY
Mission to Lahn 19 BBY
Rescue of Caleb Dume 19 BBY
Invasion of Mon Cala 18 BBY
Antar Atrocity (simultaneous with Campaign at Salient) 18 BBY
Campaign at Salient 18 BBY
Escape from Thabeska 18 BBY
Uprising on Raada 18 BBY
Return to Thabeska 18 BBY
Dogfight above Thabeska 18 BBY

- Death of the Sixth Brother

18 BBY
Rebellion on Ryloth begins

Deaths of Isval, Eshgo, Drim, Crost, Belkor Dray

14 BBY
Berch Teller campaign 14 BBY
Kidnapping of Galen Erso 13 BBY
Gorse conflict

Deaths of Skelly and Denetrius Vidian

11 BBY
Lothal Insurgency 6 BBY
Lothal Insurgency

- Mission to steal Kallus's decoder

- Destruction of a kyber crystal

- Skirmish in the Imperial Academy

Death of the Grand Inquisitor

During the Rebellion against the Galactic Empire

- Mission to rescue Maketh Tua

- Duel on Lothal

- Escape from Lothal

Deaths of Ephraim Bridger, Mira Bridger, Maketh Tua

Rebellion against the Galactic Empire

- Chase on Malachor

- Duel on Malachor

- Duel on a Sith Temple

- Duel at the top of a Sith Temple

Deaths of the Seventh Sister, Fifth Brother and Eighth Brother

Batonn Insurgency
During the Rebellion against the Galactic Empire

Death of Maul and Gar Saxon

Battle of Atollon

Deaths of Kassius Konstantine and Jun Sato

Second Mandalorian civil war continued
Galactic Civil War continues 2 BBY
Jedha Insurgency 0 BBY
Operation Fracture begins 0 BBY
Mission to Jedha 0 BBY
Battle on Jedha 0 BBY
Destruction of Jedha City- Death of Saw Gerrera 0 BBY
Mission to Eadu- Death of Galen Erso 0 BBY
Battle of Scarif

Deaths of Jyn Erso, Cassian Jeron Andor, Baze Malbus, Chirrut Îmwe, Ruescott Melshi, Pao, Bodhi Rook, K-2SO, Antoc Merrick, Pedrin Gaul, Orson Krennic

Secret mission to Tatooine 0 BBY
Skirmish with Tusken raiders 0 BBY
Mission to Mos Eisley 0 BBY
Escape from Tatooine 0 BBY
Dissolution of the Imperial Senate 0 BBY
Destruction of Alderaan- Deaths of Bail Organa, Breha Organa 0 BBY
Rescue of Princess Leia

- Alderaan vigil rioting

- Death of Obi-Wan Kenobi

Battle of Yavin- Deaths of Biggs Darklighter, Wilhuff Tarkin, Wullf Yularen, Jon Vander, Garven Dreis 0 BBY
Royal Award Ceremony 0 ABY
Evacuation of Yavin IV 0 ABY
Skirmish over Llanic 0 ABY
Escape from Cyrcon 0 ABY
Mission to rescue the survivors of Alderaan 0 ABY
Mission to Rodia 0 ABY
Mission to Fex 0 ABY
Mission on Denon 0 ABY
Mission to Pasher 0 ABY
Tatooine campaign begins

Note: list incomplete

Battle on Takodana (Civil War) 0 ABY
Hoth campaign begins

Note: list incomplete

Dandoran campaign begins 0 ABY
Rescue on Omereth- Death of Nakari Kelen 0 ABY
Mission to Giju 0 ABY
Mission to recover communication logs 0 ABY
Skirmish in the Temple of Eedit 0 ABY
Skirmish in Jabba's palace (Darth Vader) 0 ABY
The Hunt for Luke Skywalker begins 0 ABY
Meeting on Tatooine 0 ABY
Skirmish in Mos Eisley 0 ABY
Skirmish over an unidentified green planet 0 ABY
Assault on an unidentified pirate base 0 ABY
Theft of the Triple-Zero personality matrix 0 ABY
Secret mission to Geonosis 0 ABY
Skirmish near the Monsua Nebula 0 ABY
The Hunt for Luke Skywalker ends 0 ABY
Skirmish in Cylo's research base 0 ABY
Destruction of the Son-tuul Pride 0 ABY
Son-tuul Pride robbery 0 ABY
Mission to the Anthan system 0 ABY
Escape from the Monsua Nebula 0 ABY
Mission to Nar Shaddaa 0 ABY
Showdown on Nar Shaddaa 0 ABY
Skirmish in Grakkus' arena 0 ABY
Mission to Shu-Torun 0 ABY
Battle of Vrogas Vas- Death of Karbin 0 ABY
Plot to assassinate Darth Sidious 0 ABY
Assault on Sunspot Prison 0 ABY
Shu-Torun War 0 ABY
Cylo campaign

Deaths of CyloMorit AstarteAiolin AstarteTulon VoidgazerCassio Tagge

Skirmish on the Ghost Moon 0 ABY
Hijacking of the Harbringer 0 ABY
Blockade of Tureen VII 0 ABY
Attempt to break through the blockade on Tureen VII 0 ABY
Rescue of C-3PO begins 0 ABY
Escape from Skorii-Lei 0 ABY
Raid at the Great Temple 0 ABY
Mission to the Screaming Citadel 0 ABY
Auction of Rur 0 ABY
Skirmish aboard the Sorca Retreat
Skirmish on an unidentified ocean planet 0 ABY
Mission to Akiva (Han Solo)
Mission to Horox III
Jedha Insurgency continued
Mission to Mon Cala
Attack on an Imperial settlement
Mission to Skako Minor
Attack on the Rebel Fleet
Mission to Crait
Battle of Haidoral Prime
Mid Rim Retreat begins
Infiltration of the Thunderstrike (silmultaneous with Battle of Hoth) 3 ABY
Skirmish with a Wampa 3 ABY
Battle of Hoth 3 ABY
Chase through an Asteroid belt 3 ABY
Mission to Dagobah 3 ABY
Battle of Bespin 3 ABY
Operation: Ringbreaker 3 ABY
Siege of Inyusu Tor 3 ABY
Battle on Tatooine (Exact placement unknown) 3 ABY
Operation Yellow Moon 4 ABY
Mission to Ord Mantell
Escape from the Invincible Faith
Mission to Jabba's palace (4 ABY) 4 ABY
Skirmish in the Rancor pit- Death of Pateesa 4 ABY
Rescue of Han Solo - Deaths of Jabba and Boba Fett 4 ABY
Dogfight in the Hudalla system 4 ABY
Battle of Taanab 4 ABY
Return to Dagobah- Death of Yoda at 900 years old 4 ABY
Endor campaign

Deaths of Palpatine, Anakin Skywalker, Tiaan Jerjerrod

Coruscant civil war begins (simultaneous with Funeral of Anakin Skywalker) 4 ABY
Iron Blockade begins

Note: Some events are missing from this section

Search for Ezra Bridger (Approximate timing)
Beltire Liberation 4 ABY
Battle of Cawa City 4 ABY
Beginning of the Contingency and Operation: Cinder 4 ABY
Battle of Fondor
Raid at the Wretch of Tayron
Mission to Pillio
Skirmish on Vardos
Skirmish on Takodana 4 ABY
Mission to Chinook Station
Destruction of an abandoned weapons depot
Mission to Vetine 4 ABY
Battle in Jabba's Palace Approximate date
Battle of Naalol 4 ABY
Mission to Akiva 4 ABY
- Mission to land on Akiva- Skirmish in a cantina on Akiva

- Skirmish in Temmin Wexley's shop

Liberation of Bespin begins 4 ABY
Retake of CoCo Town (Coruscant civil war)
Emergency summit on Akiva 4 ABY
- Chase through Myrra- Escape from Sorat Nuat

- Skydive on Akiva

- Rebellion on Akiva

Battle of Akiva 4 ABY
Capture of Perwin Gedde- Death of Perwin Gedde 5 ABY
Battle of Nag Ubdur 5 ABY
Siege of Arkanis 5 ABY
Attack okn the Hyborean Moon 5 ABY
Liberation of Kashyyyk 5 ABY
Battle for Kuat Drive Yards 5 ABY
Liberation Day attacks- Rumored deaths of Hostis Ji and Crix Madine

- Deaths of Adea Rite and Windom Traducier

Naboo Sieges 5 ABY
Battle of Jakku

Assassination attempt on Mon Mothma (Concurrent with the Battle of Jakku)

The Cold War 5 ABY
Birth of Ben Solo 5 ABY
End of Galactic Civil War 5 ABY
Birth of Finn 11 ABY
Birth of Rey 15 ABY
Amaxine warrior crisis begins 28 ABY
Bail Organa statue-dedication ceremony 28 ABY
Mission to Bastatha 28 ABY
Mission to Pamarthe 28 ABY
Five Sabers (28 ABY) 28 ABY
Napkin Bombing 28 ABY
Mission to Daxam IV 28 ABY
- Revelation of Leia Organa's true parentage - Riot outside Leia's office 28 ABY
Mission to Sibensko 28 ABY
Tai-Lin Garr's assassination- Death of Tai-Lin Garr 28 ABY
Formation of the Resistance 28 ABY
First Order–Resistance conflict begins 28 ABY
Space battle in the Unknown regions
Suraz engagement 34 ABY
Skirmish in OR-Kappa-2722 34 ABY
Dogfight over Taul 34 ABY
Mission to Taul 34 ABY
Rescue of Admiral Ackbar 34 ABY
Operation: Saber Strike 34 ABY
Mission to Ovanis 34 ABY
Mission to Megalox Beta 34 ABY
Escape from Megalox Beta 34 ABY
Skirmish on Pheryon 34 ABY
Mission to Kaddak 34 ABY
Battle over a desrt planet 34 ABY
Mission to obtain fuel 34 ABY
Mission to Spalex 34 ABY
Mission to Cato Neimoidia (Resistance) 34 ABY
Rescue of Lor San Tekka 34 ABY
Wedding of Snap Wexley and Karé Kun
34 ABY
Mission to Pillio (First Order)
Attack on Tuanul- Death of Lor San Tekka 34 ABY
Mission to Athulla 34 ABY
Faceoff in a ruined Star Destroyer on Jakku 34 ABY
Skirmish with a Nightwatcher worm 34 ABY
Speeder chase on Jakku 34 ABY
Escape from the Finalizer 34 ABY
Second speeder chase on Jakku 34 ABY
Skirmish at the Niima Outpost 34 ABY
Escape from Jakku 34 ABY
Skirmish on the Eravana 34 ABY
Mission to Takodana 34 ABY
Skirmish in Maz Kanata's castle 34 ABY
Rey's vision on Takodana 34 ABY
Destruction of the Hosnian System- Deaths of Lanever Villecham, Korr Sella 34 ABY
Mission to Vardos
Battle on Takodana 34 ABY
Assault on Starkiller Base

Deaths of Han Solo, Ello Asty

34 ABY
Skirmish on the Retribution
Hunt for Sol Rivas
Mission to Ahch-To 34 ABY
34 ABY
Battle of Crait 34 ABY