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General Information
Region Hutt Space Toydaria-TCW
Sector Unknown
System Toydaria System
Capital Unknown
atmosphere Breathable to most Species
Native Species Sentient: Toydarian
Natural Satellites Unknown

Toydaria was the homeworld of the Toydarian species.

History Edit

Toydaria was located within Hutt Space. Much like the Hutts, Toydarians were naturally resistant to Jedi mind-tricks. They were ruled by a King.

During the Clone Wars, the Toydarians were courted by the Galactic Republic to let their planet become a refueling and resupply depot for Republic warships. King Katuunko was eventually convinced to support the Republic's proposal. Towards the later part of the conflict, Katuunko was attempted kidnapped by Savage Opress on Toydaria. During the incident, Opress was followed by two Jedi Knights and in the chase accidentally broke Katuunko's neck, killing him.

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Appearances Edit

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