The Unknown Regions was a region in the galactic West.


This region of the galaxy was not as explored as other parts and remained largely unknown throughout galactic history. During the reign of the Galactic Empire, a concentrated effort was made to map the Unknown Regions and Imperialize it. Military bases, research stations and outposts were established throughout the area. Jakku in the Western Reaches served as a jumping-off point for Imperial warships that were headed into the Unknown Regions.

Later, the Empire's projects and installations in the Unknown Regions would aid the efforts of the Imperial successor state, the First Order. The mysterious locations that littered the Regions made possible a secret re-armament phase that violated the terms of the Galactic Concordance.

Worlds in the Unknown Regions included Ilum and Rakata Prime. The ice planet that housed Starkiller Base also originated in the Regions.

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